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Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are a very striking and popular option to install in your bathroom, these surfaces are very easy to clean and have functional glass panels that allow better decorations. When you want a door like this, let our team come to your home and start the installation.

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Glass shelves

AFG Glass always thinks about creating stylish surfaces that provide functionality in every area of your home. Achieve an impressive image with our glass shelves, we have a variety of shapes and sizes. We can install anywhere, whether in your living room, bedroom, hallways, lobby or dining room.

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We always have all the services of glass applications available for people who want to start decorating their environments. We complement your home with the best quality mirrors. Our installers always have ideas to get the shape and style of the glass mirror you need.

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Office Glass Partitions

In the office the environment is a very important element to develop the objectives of the day, the decoration is also important, glass partitions can improve each area of an office. In AFG we promote the use of glass partitions to obtain stylish spaces, which have different uses as the creation of cubicles, walls or railings, etc.

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Customs shower doors

The installation of bathroom doors made with glass are at your complete disposal. Are you interested in custom shower doors? Our team of installers can provide them. We have a variety of styles and design trends in the market. We can advise you to choose the one that best combines with the interior of your bathroom either a bedroom, corner or bathtub.

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Semi Frameless shower doors

Shower doors serve to provide privacy and add a better aesthetic to the bathroom, you can find them in a variety, an example of this is the semi frameless door that has unique design features, the difference they have with a frameless door is that they contain a metal edge that reaches a certain point of the surface, in AFG Glass you can choose yours to install it.

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Full framed shower doors

AFG Glass shower doors are a good choice for your bathroom. We offer you our full-frame glass doors that are designed with an excellent function to retain water splashing off the surface.


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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has a surface that goes through a complex manufacturing process, this makes it a material with greater strength and safety than any common glass. At AFG Glass we cover your tempered glass needs for your car windows, shower door, decorative surfaces, kitchen utensils and much more.


Plain or float glass

The strength of float glass means that it can be applied to surfaces of residential, commercial or industrial buildings and is always manufactured with the appropriate process that guarantees safety. If you want to get this type of glass, you can check the installation price with our experts.


Low emissive glass

Currently, technology has allowed us to obtain more pleasant spaces with glass. One of the functions it has been able to obtain is the energy efficiency that it can bring to the interior of a home. Low-emitting glass prevents the heat concentrated in your home from escaping to the outside times of winter. The characteristics of this type of glass will allow you to have pleasant spaces if you install it with our technicians of AFG Glass.


Insulating glass

If you want a glass that maintains the privacy of your spaces, achieve the ideal temperature and contribute to the efficiency of your heating or ventilation systems, then the best option is to acquire our insulating glass classification, you can apply it to an office, residential space where the impact of wind can affect the comfort of the interior or industrial areas where engine noise and daily activities affect the development of your office work.


Safety glass

Resistance to different conditions such as high temperatures, breaks and shocks are some of the properties of tempered, thermo hardened, laminated and wire glass that makes them applicable to any space or surface, if your intention is to improve the decoration of your home with this variety of glass, our team of professional installers are ready to start.


Mirrored glass

We work with the best quality mirrored glass to offer you areas with a unique reflective appearance, strength and privacy at the same time. Are you looking for a glass option that allows you the quality, versatile that a conventional glass can't? Let us tell you that mirrored glass offers you what you need and AFG Glass installs it.


Art glass

We create patterns and shapes to decorate your home with our workmanship in artistic glass. We have different colors and sizes in classic, abstract and contemporary forged pieces of glass such as statuettes, sculptures, centerpieces, ashtrays and other objects with characteristics of good texture, finish and quality. Order your glass work at the AFG Glass.


Low iron glass

Ultra-clear or low iron glass has different manufacturing processes that make it useful for any space, this glass has light transmission properties, making it easy to generate lighting on a body or surface. At AFG Glass, we offer a variety of low iron glass jobs such as display cases, furniture, displays and much more.


Rain glass

Rain glass surfaces offer you a textured appearance and it's not limited to being installed in areas such as bathrooms. The result obtained from the manufacturing process makes it mostly striking. In our company we offer you areas with rain glass which you can make decorations in your kitchen, lobby and other areas of the interior of your property.


Satin Glass

The matte finish of satin glass is an option that you can add to your spaces with our installation experts. This type of glass can be a viable option to illuminate and decorate your spaces because it allows a good level of privacy and is a smooth and durable surface. This is a well-known option to install in homes. If you want us to install it on your property, we will be willing to do it.


Glue chip glass

AFG Glass provides you with creative glass styles with decorative techniques such as glue chip glass. If you want something different, this is a good alternative applicable to any tinted, transparent or frosted glass surface on windows, doors, furniture, shelves and much more.

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